Downlight GIGLIO.4_FISSO

• With luminaire efficiency at 115lm/W, Giglio are twice as efficient as conventional down light. • Giglio series offer not only basing lighting but also accent lighting without changing the appearance of the luminaire. • High luminous flux> 1000LM, >2000LM or >3500LM. • Dimmable=1-10V dimmable driver, intelligent dimming system, hence potential for energy savings of further 70%. • No extra cost compared to dimmable down light with compact fluorescent lamps. • Additional savings through lower maintenance costs. • Good color rendering: RA>85 for 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K • Stable color rendering during the whole luminaire service life. • Excellent glare-control: absolutely glare-free reflector, suitable for office and deluxe rooms (UGR<19). • 32 °cut-off angle for good glare control • Varied light distributions, from such wide beam as 60-70 °to the narrow beam as 25-30 °for accent lighting.
Angolo (Beam) 30°/40°/60° Potenza (Power) 20W CCT 2700K/3000K/4000K CRI > 80 Output V 35V DC Output I 500 mA Efficienza / Efficacy 97 lm/W - 102 lm/W - 105 lm/W