The series PROCIDA with very low fitting fixture, maximum height at 65mm, solves the problem of lighting fixture installation in narrow space. Average light efficiency as high as 85lm/W, saving energy by 50%, compared to fluorescent down light.G ood heat sink with twin direction ventilation structure can delay the light decay of LED chip. Light output maintaining rate is kept at 70% after 3 years of working. Different fitting sizes and powers in this series for varied options of different lighting space. Dimmable.
Angolo (Beam) 100° Potenza (Power) 12W/17W/22W CCT 2700K/3000K/4000K CRI > 80 Output V 21V DC Output I 500 mA Efficienza / Efficacy 79 lm/W - 79 lm/W - 85 lm/W