FOTONICA produces lightings solutions for indoor use for commercial stores and other applications for years. Today FOTONICA wants to promote also its experience for designing and developing lighting systems in order to satisfy every customized need. No limits for imagination and originality, but following the project with its own original charateristics looking for a result that will be unique.
FOTONICA complies with production Quality standards with the regard to the enviroment and the Made in Italy, by choosing certified materials and producing according certified procedures. Customized solutions are studied with particular attention of energy saving and the easy and safe installation of products.


The right choice of a light inside a space permits not only to focus on its interiors and peculiarities, but to affect emotionally too. The main idea that Fotonica wants to communicate positive sensations and emotions. Its customers is that of a Light able to inspire EMOTIONS. A space of design shows much more appeal if well and rightly illuminated. The emotional impact becomes stronger if a light is not only suitable and innovative but also similar to the natural light as much as possible, arising sensations and desired reactions on people.


This is the Feeling that Fotonica aims to create: Enjoy at best your space.


The Colour Temperature of light is an important point in a project. Its choice is connected with several factors, like estethic factor or because of preferences and needs, but also because of the psycological impact. 
So the choice of light temperature will be different when we design lighting for residential areas and offices from lighting for public places like hospital, surgery or big store like supermarkets etc. Infact sensations coming out from a warm light are not the same ones of a cold light. Thanks to the knowledge and application of SMART control devices (for ex. palmtops, tablets through wi-fi) we can create a project where also light becomes smart.

Applying tunable lighting systems together with smart control devices we are ableto design avant-garde lighting solutions that can be easily adaptable to existing to design avant-garde lighting solutions that can be easily adaptable to existing


The dark room is equipped for testing the light output of a downlight/spotlight but also for the test of flexible and rigid strip LED. Because of this purporse, all the tests inside the dark room (wich must be completely black), are made with instruments that measure the different physical quantities of light.
One of them is the Spectrophotometer, that is used for the measurement of light intensity, and that permits the correct calibration of Leds having different colour



    Fotonica pay a lot of attention on its processes in order to guarantee 100% controls. The machines and the instruments like oscilloscope, climate-testing room, are used for the various and needed controls. The tests made on our products are: PHOTOMETRIC AND COLORIMETRIC MEASUREMENTS, ELECTRIC AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY MEASUREMENTS, SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE TEST FOR LEDS.

    Morover Fotonica cooperates with Certified Laboratories for some kind of test that need other instruments. 
    These processes increase the Quality and the Safety of our products that are produced according to regulations and standards requirements. The regulations conformity permits Fotonica to enter new markets more quickly and to enhance customers confidence.


    The process of packaging of the finished product is the last step. The box containing the product is suitable to its dimensional features and the nature itself of the item in order to guarantee the functioning and protection against damages during the freight.


    Fotonica suggests also the Turnkey Service thanks to the experience of its manpower in lighting systems’ installation. 
    Besides the warranty of after sales service, Fotonica can support customers in the correct installation. 
    The adavantages of this service come in particular from the experience. The installation of products, especially of customized lighting systems, is faster if made by trained people that know well the product. In this way the costs are cut down, because often happens that a wrong or not adequate installation adds wasted and unexpected costs.